Welcome to the Student Sponsorship Program of South Africa

We provide financial and personal support to disadvantaged students in South Africa whose prospects of graduating from a private or other top high school would otherwise be poor. In addition to school fees, we provide mentoring for students, resources for families, and academic support. Through this work, we also endeavor to raise awareness in the United States of South Africa’s inequitable access to quality education.

Founded over a decade ago, the Student Sponsorship Program of South Africa is committed to the development of South Africa’s next generation of leaders.

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South African Organization

Our mission is currently fulfilled through grants and support to a South African non-profit organization working in Johannesburg, the Eastern Cape, and the Western Cape: the Student Sponsorship Programme.

Since 2000, the Student Sponsorship Programme has provided a top high school education to more than 1,000 talented South African students. SSP supports an additional 300 students through their bursary management program, in which they manage South African scholarship programs for corporations.

We are proud to provide support to this exceptional organization.

If you are located in South Africa, please contact the Student Sponsorship Programme. They are a registered Section 18a organisation and donations are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law.


Small steps, big dreams back to school

The Student Sponsorship Programme and Students for a Better Future are non-profit organizations that make it possible for previously disadvantaged youth who excel at academics to attend affluent high schools in Johannesburg, the Eastern Cape and Cape Town.

This week we follow two students from each of these organizations on their journeys back to school. Takalani Madima, a new grade 8 pupil of St John’s College and Athenkosi, a Matriculant at Wynberg Boys High School are both at the brink of a new beginning in their school careers. They reflect on the toil it has taken to get them where there are today, and give incite into how a sound education is a ticket to their dreams.